Smoke’in Hot Stay-cations

We’ve all had those years where life is just too hectic or we’re just tired and a stay-cation is the better summer solution than a vacation.  This year should be the one that you make sure you are ready for the perfect one.  Place to cool off? Place to grill with friends? Place to relax out of the sun while you dry off? A couple focal points of natural vegetation with color and texture throughout the property? If you can’t put a check by any or all of these then you’re reading this blog for a reason and we’re here to help. We’ve been designing and constructing #austin #outdoorliving and #outdoorkitchens for nearly 2 decades in central Texas and we look forward to helping create the perfect backdrop for all your future stay-cations. 512-577-2345



What the…Water bill?!

So it’s been a year and you forgot how painful that summer water bill could be until this month when you opened it up or got the auto draft alert and said, “What the?! Did we buy Niagra Falls?”

Do yourself a favor.  Add up what you spend in lawn maintenance fees and the increase in water bills during the summer months and if you’ve really had enough,  maybe it’s time to look at a long term investment to eliminate both problems and buy back some peace of mind and give yourself some time to relax and enjoy your summer.  We are well known for doing water wise landscaping and have been featured on YNN and in th to include xeriscapes and Texas modified xeriscapes which are a beautiful blend of lawn islands with river rock or granite beds that meander around them and accentuate your favorite color pallets of trees or annual and/or perennial beds of color.  Everything easily maintained beautifully within local water restrictions and often on drip systems only.  Xeriscapes are typically a little bit more expensive to install than just vegetation landscaping but consider the longevity and the weight of the materials and labor involved.  The materials last forever, literally as rocks do not die and it does take more man power to initially install.  The benefit is you’ll be done with the large upkeep of tedious up keep in lawn maintenance bills as it usually only needs leaf blowing seasonally and fertilization annually. Those expenses will off set each other in a few seasons and you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood.  Remember quality landscaping is like granite counter tops over Formica. One ads value to the property and is sought after by buyers and worth the investment and the other is depreciating from the time of install and will need to be replaced before you sell and you’ll never get your money back that you spent on it. Every aspect of your home is an investment and we’ve spent our life building a reputation of quality in central Texas landscaping. We look forward to designing your dreamscape soon! 512-577-2345




Round Rock New Home Landscaping

So you’re either new to the area and bought a new home in one of the fastest growing areas in Texas or you decided to move further out from the city for a little larger lot and a newer home design.  Congratulations! Now you’re in your new home and it’s gorgeous and smells fresh and feels great but it’s missing a mature landscape because, well, it’s new and in a new development area.  It is what it is.  You take the good with the not so good in most cases but you are probably already in a positive equity position or made enough to do a proper landscape on your new home.  Don’t waste it on annuals or amateurs.  We’ve been doing this for nearly two decades and frankly there are some trees that shouldn’t be sold in our area but are.  They just aren’t meant for our climate zone. There are beautiful annual color plants that look lovely in containers but will die at the end of the season and never come back, that you should not spend good money on as part of your core landscape plan.  These are common mistakes that “chuck in a truck” who landscapes as a weekend hobby/second job will make every time.  We are going to consult with you about your goals for today and for ten years from now.  We will design and construct your landscape knowing that in this area we will have droughts and we will also have floods.  We will select trees that will give you shade as quickly as possible but not ruin your foundation.  We will select perennial plants that will withstand our heat and our winter and surprise you with color at various times of year.  Round Rock is a beautiful place to live and we hope that you choose to accentuate it’s beauty by choosing us to help finish your new homes landscape when the time is right.

The dog days of Summer are coming on fast!

So the dog days of Summer are coming on fast in central Texas as we have all felt the past two weeks with our temps peeking at the three digits.  You’ve also probably noticed the areas of your property that can’t handle the ever increasing heat or maybe it’s the shade that is preventing the lawn from being thick and lush.  Either way were just a phone call away when you have your budget in place to resolve these issues for good.  With nearly two decades in the Austin area, there isn’t anything we haven’t seen.  We love to problem solve with home owners who enjoy using natural landscape techniques to solve natures problems.  Just like in the photo you see with this post.  This was a dead and barren area that just struggled because of very large and beautiful natural tree shade cover.  Why fight it? Instead let’s accent it.  We asked what the home owner would enjoy more than lawn in that area?  They loved Colorado creeks and streams and the sound of a babbling brook nearby.  DONE! And the best part is that other than the annual plants that the home owner chooses to change out annually for color changes, the rest will last forever.  Leaf blow twice a year and use a pool net to remove some leaf debris from the creek and yard work is done.  Sit back, relax and enjoy your shady oasis by Anderson Landscape. 512-577-2345

If you can’t build the Ark, we can build a retaining walls. Both are amazing!

Everything but the house by Anderson Landscapes 512-577-2345
Everything but the house by Anderson Landscapes 512-577-2345

Good morning Austin. or is it? It’s 10:12 in the morning and after watching the news, sloshing your way to work, seeing the stories of all the families displaced in Louisana from the rains and flooding which are now affecting us it’s hard not to think about how they will change things here this time.

One of the great assets of the Central Texas is our varied elevations that give us views independent of each others widows, give us creeks and streams of flow and beauty beyond compare. However, it’s also tough to manage flash flood waters at times and the damage it causes eroding land and structures is costly on so many levels.

Retaining walls have been one of our stong suits for almost two decades.  We are experts at both engineered and non depending on the slope and lay of the property.  We only build quality. We will pass on projects that will not stand the test of time. It’s simply not something we choose to put the Anderson name on.

We primarily utilize large native block that is quarried here in Central Texas for one reason.  It’s here for a reason.  It belongs here.  It stands the test of time here. It’s acclimated to the climate and will not crack, crumble or separate as quickly with our humidity to drought climate like other import stones, woods or artifical products will.  We will and have built concrete retaining walls with beautiful stucco finishes to compliment custom home designs that will also stand the test of time longer than railroad tie retaining walls, which we do not contruct at all.

Obviously life is full of choices and we are glad you are our neighbors here in Central Texas. We hope you stay safe and dry over the next 3 days of anticipated potential flash flooding.  We hope your properties are undamaged and you merely get some overdue snuggle and family time being rained in.  Should you or a neighbor need a retaining wall to protect your investments or homes from flooding or erosion damage we hope you’ll call us first “When quality is your first priorty” 512-577-2345  or find us on Facebook @AustinLuxuryLandscapes.