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Anderson Landscapes has all the know-how homeowners need to turn their yards into an safe, inviting, resort-like outdoor oasis. Homeowners use outdoor lighting for many different reasons — improving curb appeal, extending the enjoyment and living space after dark, and as a deterrent against crime. A burglar will think twice about stopping to see if anyone is home if the property is well lit. There are several things to think about before purchasing a lighting system — the type of voltage to use, design, installation and maintenance.

"Low voltage systems are more appropriate for residential settings and often times in the commercial settings as well." Low voltage systems, at 12 volts, are flexible and easy to install. No trenches to dig, although Hastings recommends burying the wire at least six inches. Twelve volt systems are designed for wet locations and operate safely when exposed to moisture. The lights can be plugged into existing outdoor GFI plugs with no need, in most cases, for an electrical contractor to install the system.

Lamps are also available in low watts and many different beam spreads. This gives a more precise lighting effect with a lower energy cost.

"The light fixtures should showcase your property." The key is to "see the effect, not the source." Anderson Landscapes is willing to set up a demonstration to help homeowners see what night lighting can do for their property. "A 3-dimensional effect is what you are looking for. This takes place when the placement of the light fixtures illuminate structural and plant features in the deeper reaches of the landscape." Anyone looking at the landscape should have their eyes drawn past the dark and into the light. "A 3-dimensional effect creates the WOW! Factor."

There are three different types of lighting effects — downlighting, uplighting and backlighting. Downlighting is like sunlight or moonlight; natural and efficient. Using suspended fixtures, the light sources are hidden and directed straight down through plants and trees. Uplighting is done by placing the fixture in the ground and directing the light up through plants and trees. The internal structure of plants become illuminated, casting shadows that can dance along with the breeze for a more dramatic effect. Backlighting is a way to softly light the background of a yard; like a wall or fence. Subtle, backing lighting allows plants to be viewed in silhouette against the lighted backdrop. Once the design is complete, it’s time to install the system. Anderson Landscapes recommends the hub-and-spoke method to ensure equal voltage to all the lights on a run. Each hub should have no more than five lights per run. Another advantage to the hub-and-spoke method is that all the connections of a run are gathered in one specific location — the hub. These are secured with waterproof connectors.

Combiningg this type of wiring system with high quality brass lighting fixtures help make the system "bullet proof."

The cost for outdoor lighting is not cheap. An outdoor lighting system can cost anywhere from $150.00 - $290 per light. Most average about $200 per fixture.

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