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Retaining walls are the best method to stabilize sloped surfaces and create more usable land. They can turn an eroding hill into a series of terraces, adding usable space to an otherwise useless piece of sloped property.

They will enhance the look of any home. Retaining walls are the first defense against an eroding hillside taking the deck, garage or home with it. Retaining walls are the underpinning of a property’s landscape.

Anderson Landscape retaining wall projects are not just well built, but they enhance the house. Retaining walls are not only perfect for erosion control but also for those who want to create usable space for a play set, patio or a grassy area for the kids.

Depending on the slope,  retaining walls can be the most complicated type of landscaping. There may be trees or outbuildings that walls must be built around. Walls must have proper drainage and the work that is done behind the wall is just as important as the wall itself. Two factors that determine what kind of wall and drainage systems are put in are the height of the wall and the amount of weight the wall will retain. Walls can cost anywhere between 12 and 28 per square foot. A continuous 25-foot wall that’s 4 feet tall could cost upwards of $1200-$2800, depending on access and the type of material used . Retaining walls interlock and are built best all at once for proper stability and drainage. This is a construction process and with every project there is lawn that must be repaired from the process of transporting the heavy materials. Bigger walls are not always better. By creating a series of two or three terraces, homeowners can create patio or garden space and dress up an otherwise useless hillside. Plus, a series of smaller walls is safer. Tiered walls are more attractive than one large wall to most homeowners. Straight walls are not as strong as walls that blend into the hillside by curving in or out. The smaller the blocks, the smaller the radius and the easier it is to make. However, larger blocks can bear more weight and resist more land movement.

Our masons are experienced in all forms of rock construction but we recommend natural stone most of the time. Man made materials such as pavers are a great choice when dealing with expansive soils because they are easily repaired  and are also good when permeable surface is a concern.

Most of the time homeowners would rather have a wall constructed of natural stone unearthed from hundreds of feet below the earth's surface and cured to perfection by the land and earth itself. The No. 1 reason some chose boulders or slabs of sandstone and limestone over manufactured block is that the color of concrete blocks sometimes fades over time from weathering. Natural stone lasts longer. It has spent hundreds of thousands of years below the earth’s surface before being mined from a quarry, it needs no cosmetic enhancement to blend with plants and flowers and is wonderfully abundant in our Austin Texas landscape market. Please take time to view our Stone Selection page for additional information.

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